About Me

me I was born in Tel Aviv, Israel, and grew up in the heart of the Silicon Valley in California. I was lucky enough to stay in the Bay Area and live in the wonderful, vibrant city of Berkeley for college. In 2017, I (reluctantly) relocated to Princeton and immediately encountered, for the first time, the word muggy as a weather descriptor.

Apart from research and teaching, I enjoy practicing yoga, reading, writing, traveling, sailing, film photography, print-making, baking, and many other things. I rarely go anywhere without a book and track my reading on my goodreads account. I love coffee (especially medium to dark roast pour overs) and love to work, read, or talk with friends at coffeeshops. I’m also a big fan of good vegetarian food, dark or Belgian beers (never IPAs), kombucha, fresh figs, and açaí bowls.