I am a 2nd year PhD student and NSF Graduate Research Fellow in the Department of Astrophysical Sciences at Princeton. In 2017, I completed my undergraduate education at UC Berkeley in the Physics and Astronomy Departments.


I work in computational, nuclear astrophysics and am primarily interested in high-energy phenomena including supernovae, compact object mergers, thermonuclear burning, and accretion disks. My PhD advisor is Jim Stone.

Equity & Inclusion, Teaching, and Outreach

I care about making science more accessible and making the field of astronomy more equitable and welcoming to all. I put some thought and effort toward this objective by doing things like teaching college courses in NJ prisons, being an active member of Princeton WiP, etc.

Contact Me

Reach me at ghalevi@astro.princeton.edu, or if you’re local, find me in my windowless basement office, 009 Peyton Hall. But not currently, since I’m in Amsterdam/Berlin/TLV until August 12th.