I am a 3rd year PhD student and NSF Graduate Research Fellow in the Department of Astrophysical Sciences at Princeton and a visiting graduate student at the Institute for Advanced Study in the School of Natural Sciences. In 2017, I completed my undergraduate education at UC Berkeley in the Physics and Astronomy Departments.


I work in computational, nuclear astrophysics and am primarily interested in high-energy phenomena including supernovae, compact object mergers, thermonuclear burning, and accretion disks. My PhD advisor is Jim Stone.

Equity & Inclusion, Teaching, and Outreach

I care deeply about math and science education, the accessibility of science, and equity and inclusion in physics, astronomy, and theoretical astrophysics. I put thought and effort toward these goals through my roles as a volunteer instructor of college courses in NJ prisons with PTI, an executive board member of Princeton Women in Physics, the grad student representative on our departmental climate committee, a frequent volunteer at Peyton Public Observing, and more.

Contact Me

Reach me at ghalevi@astro.princeton.edu, or if you’re local, find me in my windowless basement office, 015 Peyton Hall on Princeton’s campus, or my other basement office, which does have a teeny corner window, 048 Bloomberg Hall at the IAS (except for when I’m traveling, which you can see below)

*Jan. 25-Feb. 2, British Virgin Islands, taking a much-needed sailing vacation with my family